For over three decades, Wood and Delgado have been committed to the dental profession. In doing so, we have contributed to numerous dental schools, dental charities, dental education, drafted pro-dental legislation as well as other contributions designed to benefit the profession. However, it has only been recently that we decided to become personally involved in these charitable projects. While money commits you to a charitable act, it does not transform you from the inside out. It is simply a “giving of excess” that does not truly cost the individual.

However, the giving of a commodity that can never be repaid does change an individual. The commitment to providing dental care for a period of time, without compensation, to the worlds poor is a service that only a few are bold enough to make. We are committed to helping this vision. We are not educated in the ability to provide dental treatment, but we hopefully can make it easier for you to be confident in giving this life-changing service to others. In exchange for your commitment to at least one week of dental mission work in a country other than the United States, we will reduce our practice transition-related legal fees by Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00) to pay for the cost of such trip. The trip must be completed within twelve months of our legal service and it must be in conjunction with a recognized United States charitable organization.

Members of our firm will also be participating in dental mission trips throughout the world as part of our desire to be transformed along with you. Our goal is to provide logistical and technical support so that you can focus on providing the best dental care to the individuals you will see on your trip. If you are a member of a charitable organization that currently provides this service, please contact us to add you to our list below, and also to let us know how we can personally be of help. Below is a list of organizations that have either contacted us in search of dentists or have been referred by dentists that have done dental mission trips in the past. While not a complete list, we hope it can provide you with a starting point of making this life-changing decision.


“Jason, I wanted to say thanks for the $2000 in support of the Mission work I do.  I’ve been blessed as a dentist and these yearly trips are just the small way that I can give back.  Thanks again and blessings to you and your family”.

Orange City, Iowa